Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Malthus Dire YouTube Channel

As a companion to this Blog page I have created a YouTube channel to try to assemble various disparate gamebook-related videos from around the internet and get them all in one place.

There is no real limit to its scope, but so far I have assembled:

  • The three known circulating episodes of the LE CHEVALIER DU LABYRINTHE, the French version of KNIGHTMARE
  • The five known circulating episodes of the EL RESCATE DEL TALISMAN, the Spanish version of KNIGHTMARE
  • The only known circulating episode of KNIGHTMARE's immediate successor, the aptly-named VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE
  • A short clip (again, all that's circulating) from the beginning of Tim Child/Broadsword's CYBERZONE
  • A few very brief snippets (yet again, all that's circulating) of an episode of Tim Child/Broadsword's TIMEBUSTERS
  • The original TV advert for the LEGEND OF ZAGOR boardgame
  • Three walkthroughs of FF ZX Spectrum adaptations: REBEL PLANET, TEMPLE OF TERROR and THE FOREST OF DOOM
  • Two episodes from Series 1 of BBC1's slightly over-ambitious interactive fiction experiment WHAT'S YOUR STORY along with a short profile of the series
  • Excerpts of an episode from Series 2 of WHAT'S YOUR STORY
  • The 4 1/2 circulating episodes of BSB's hardly-watched, rather awkward, and remarkably dull Sci-Fi spin-off of KNIGHTMARE called THE SATELLITE GAME
  • Videos of the two panel discussions from 2014's FIGHTING FANTASY FEST - The History Of FF and The Art Of FF
  • ...with more to come hopefully


  1. many thanks for this assemblage of such rare material.

  2. Love your reviews. I've been playing Fighting Fantasy since I was young, and have built up a large, alas incomplete collection.

    Are you going to review the Sorcery books - I'd be really interested to see your take on them, especially how well you feel the idea of a series of books that are meant to played as one adventure actually worked...

    1. Am planning on doing all 4 Sorcery books one after another but I'm not sure when yet. Crown Of Kings will take a long time to work through in its entirety lol

    2. agreed, crown of kings is the one to beat !

      hopefully you will be able to shed some light on the mysteries and puzzles in that book.

  3. mark also still has to review a few of the FF series such as Moonrunner and siege of sardath.

    1. They're all on the way sooner or later. What I play and write-up each time depends what takes my fancy. It's likely to be Moonrunner next but you never know ;-)

    2. siege at sardath is possibly the hardest of all to complete.

      I look forward to your future reviews !